RH-300B trolley black&white ultrasound machine

standard configuration

  • main unit
  • 5MHzConvex array frequency conversion probe

15 inch LCD

optional configuration:

  • 5MHzintracavity probe
  • 5MHzHigh frequency linear probe

l  black and white laser printer


  • Product function:
  • supported output devices :2 USB mobile devices; video out digital, video printers, VGA、R232
  • probe interface :two
  • image processing: pre-processing, post-processing, dynamic range, frame correlation, line correlation, edge enhancement, black and white flip, left and right flip, up and down flip, gray scheme, gray scale curve, contrast, brightness, gamma correction, noise reduction
  • gain adjustment: gainadjustable between 0~100 db; time gain compensation (tgc):8 stage segment adjustment, b mode, m mode can be adjusted independently
  • Measurement and calculation
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