RH-300A hand-carry B&W ultrasound scanner


General information

This diagnostic system is high-resolution electric linear array/convex array ultrasonic diagnostic system, which applies the technology such as microprocessor control, digital scan converter(DSC), variable aperture, multisegment dynamic focus, big dynamic broadband and low noise preamplifier, logarithmic compression, TGC control, dynamic filter, edge enhancement, and frame correlation, etc. The image with high resolution is distinct and stable.

Technical Specification

1 .Monitor: 12.1 inch LED high-resolution 90° rotatable monitor

  1. Display mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, 3D Image Reconstructions. 3.Operating system: Window 7
  2. Scanning depth: <310 mm
  3. Peripheral port: USB, DICOM3.0, RS232, VGA, VCR, PAL-D
  4. Image gray scale: 256. Gain: 0-255dB
  5. Dynamic range: 20-150dB
  6. TGC: 8 TGC adjustments
  7. Cine loop: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 frames, auto/manual cine

Ioop11. Pseudo-color: 40, or customized

  1. Body mark: 140
  2. Zoom: 0.8-6.0
  3. Probe connector: 215. Language: Chinese/English/Spanish
  4. Matching printer: Laser/Vedio/lnkjet/Thermal printer
  5. Storage function: image storage, cine loop storage, mass storage capacity S10G, measurement result storage, report storage

18.Image processing technologies: THI, Pre-process, Post-process, Dynamic Range, Contrast, Frame Correlation, Average Line, Edge Enhancement, Black-white Change over, Gray-scale Transformation&Adjustment, Brightness, Gamma Correction

  1. Measurement & calculation:

B-mode: Distance, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Angle, Histogram, Cross Section, Hip Joint Angle

M-mode: Heart Rate, Time, Gradient

Standard Configuration

RH-300A Main system unit, 80 elements multi-frequency 3.5 MHz convex probe, metal suitcase

Optional Items

  • MHz high frequency linear probe (80&128 elements)
  • MH z multi-frequency transvaginal probe (80&128 elements)

5.0 MHz multi-frequency micro-convex probe (80&128 elements)

  • MHz multi-frequency rectal probe(80 elements)

4 hours backup lithium battery

Biopsy Bracket / Laser, Video, Thermal Printer

Harddisk: 10 GB



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