DU8-M3 laptop Color Doppler cardiac Ultrasound Machine


Full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument is a new generation of portable color ultrasound diagnostic instrument newly developed by our company, which is a product with advanced technology, excellent performance and complete functions. For ultrasonographers to bring more humanized operation feeling, the whole body application of hardware and software configuration to make it more able to meet the clinical needs of different users!


Personalized customization function.
Customize the examination mode, graphic parameters and key functions according to the doctor’s habits and requirements for more personalized operation.

iTouch Optimization.
Allows doctors to adjust the softness of black and white images according to the actual needs and make the images clearer at the touch of a button.

Rich and professional Chinese report page.
The professional obstetrics report page contains a comparison table of fetal growth curves, due date measurements and the ability to add personalized diagnostic templates.

A wide range of specialized probes.
Abdominal, Frontal, Cavity, Cardiac and other specialized diagnostic probes can be connected.

Chinese and English operation interface, Chinese navigation system.
Real-time prompts for operation steps, helping doctors to quickly master the operation of the device and the use of functions.

Built-in workstation.
The machine has a powerful PC system, doctors can write reports directly on the system, and can be connected to various printers.

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