DU8-M1 portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System



Full-digital color doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus is a new generation of

portable color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus newly developed by our company. It is

a product with advanced technology, excellent performance and complete functions. It

brings more humanized manipulation experience to the sonographer, and the applied

software configuration makes it better to meet the clinical needs of different users.

Advanced imaging technology

Full digital beam forming technology

Full-time continuous dynamic focus

Real-time dynamic path

Real-time dynamic apodization

Speckle noise reduction technology

Broadband frequency technology

Trapezoidal imaging

Beam deflection

One-click optimization

Spatial composite imaging

Full range of anatomy M mode

Panoramic imaging

3D / 4D

Comfortable workflow



Personalized custom function

Customize the inspection mode, image parameters and key functions according to the

doctor’s usage habits and requirements, making the operation more personalized

iTouch:One-click optimization

Allow the doctor to adjust the softness of the black and white image according to

the actual needs in one touch, so that the image performance is more clear

THI (tissue harmonic imaging technology)

Using harmonic signal imaging in tissue echo to reduce the overlapping structure

caused by reflection to improve spatial resolution and contrast resolution, thereby

obtaining high-definition images

Rich and professional Chinese report page

The professional obstetric report page contains a comparison table of fetal growth

curves, pre-birth period measurement data,and personalized diagnostic template

can be added.

Chinese and English operation interface, Chinese navigation operating system

Prompt operation steps in real time to help doctors quickly grasp equipment

operation and function usage

Built-in workstation

The machine has a powerful PC system inside, doctors can write reports directly in

the system, and it can connect various printers

Various professional application probes

It can be connected with professional diagnostic probes such as abdomen probe, high

frequency probe, cavity probe and heart probe

Powerful data management system

Large-capacity hard disk, equipped with RS232, USB interface, parallel printing

interface, DICOM3.0, network interface, easy to achieve image and remote


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