To understand the variety of colors represented by the “color” in color Doppler ultrasound, we need to first grasp the working principle and the origin of its name.

Color Doppler ultrasound, as a medical diagnostic technique, gets its name from the use of the Doppler effect to detect blood flow, which is represented by colors to indicate its direction and velocity. In color Doppler ultrasound images, red typically signifies blood flow moving towards the probe, while blue represents blood flow moving away from it. The shade and brightness of these colors reflect the speed of the blood flow.

Therefore, although color Doppler ultrasound images may appear to have multiple colors, these colors are primarily intended to represent the direction and speed of blood flow, rather than to present the diversity of the image itself. Strictly speaking, the “color” in color Doppler ultrasound mainly refers to red and blue, representing the two main directions of blood flow.

In summary, the “color” in color Doppler ultrasound primarily refers to the two colors of red and blue, used to indicate the direction and speed of blood flow.


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