RH-3200 Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler Blood Flow Analyzer


Instrument function
• Designed with digital technology, high sensitivity
• The system includes single channel, multiple door depth, multiple windows and emboss detection.
• M-wave mode for easy observation of multi-depth Doppler signals.
• Doppler signal full information storage.
• Spindle wave technology reproduces the original Doppler signal, allowing the embolus to be detected and identified in time.
• User-friendly interface design, easy to switch, free to edit, store
• Pre-existing normal parameters for all age groups and genders for clinical reference.
• System host (including 2MHZ, 4MHZ probe)
• v2.13 version of Doppler system software (pre-installed)
• 22-inch LCD monitor
•Color inkjet printer
• Dedicated USB keypad
•Special cart
• Optional imported probe

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